Welcome to my Website!

My name is Luna!

See that's what makes the name funny. It's funny right

The reason this website exists is that I like to write and I think it's fun to share my works, but I've had some trouble sharing it on social media because I Don't Handle Critism Very Well ayyyyy

Currently I mostly write fucked up little short stories in German and I don't think I'll finish much else for a while lol (I will translate them into English soon so more people can read them though dw). I also have a few ideas for potential YA fantasy novels but I've been struggling to write... anything, really. Probably because writing an entire novel is a pretty daunting task compared to just writing short stories, but who knows, maybe this website will somehow help me.

I also have a few fandoms that I have AU and rewrite ideas for that I want to post here as well. I currently have around 3.75 WIPs, the one I've written the most for is an AU rewrite of Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal, followed by a rewrite of Angel's Friends (although that's not saying much tbh), I'm really into Kuroshitsuji rn so I have a few vague ideas as well as various miscellanous Steven Universe AUs that are just kinda sitting in the back of my mind at any given moment. I also draw fanart that I wanna share here, although I don't have nearly as many issues with sharing my drawings lol

I will warn you now: my short stories tend to be pretty dark.

I say they're fucked up for a reason. While I'm not sure if I could call most of them horror stories, they get pretty bloody and pretty brutal. I also love writing about fucked up relationships, so there's that. I will do my best to provide trigger warnings though, so that'll hopefully help. Also, my fandom stuff as well as my longer original ideas are much more light hearted (they're just. not finished lmao)

And yeah. That's about it for now

Happy reading!