Welcome to my Website!

I haven't updated this site in a long while but I've decided to return since tumblr is once again making some questionable business decisions and i may move here entirely. After looking at the site again, I've decided to do some overhauls so it will under construction for the foreseeable future, I hope you understand.

My name is Luna!

See that's what makes the name funny. It's funny right

The original reason I made this website is that I like to write and I think it's fun to share my works, but I've had some trouble sharing it on social media because I Don't Handle Critism Very Well ayyyyy
The current reason it exists and the reason I've decided to do a bit of an overhaul is that tumblr is going down the drain hard right now and it made me realize it's not always going to be there for me to dump my thoughts into, but I always want to have a space to do that but I don't want to join any new social media because they all suck even worse than tumblr, so this page is just me hitting two flies with one swat

Short Stories is where you'll find my completed original short stories. They tend to be pretty fucked up with unhealthy relationships, obsession and blood being common themes but I'll do my best to provide content warnings. Right now they're all german but I'll work on translating them into english as well

Long Stories is where you'll find my unfinished and currently mostly theoretical original novels. They're all gonna go in the direction of YA Fantasy since that's my favorite genre, although without too "spice" because I think that kind of stuff is incredibly annoying and I just really hate the overfocus on romance in YA, especially if it's aimed at teen girls, so you won't see too much of that either. I will say that it's going to take me ages to upload chapters, so if you enjoy anything I've written and would like to see more I'm afraid you'll have to be patient lol

Rewrites is where you'll find my many attempted rewrites of media that I don't like and/or don't think is good but has enough potential for my I Can Fix Them complex to kick in. Once again, it takes me a long time to to write so updates are gonna be slow

Archive is where you'll find my older tumblr posts. Not all of them since I used to do a lot of liveblogging while watching shows so there are definitely too many for me to archive, but my longer analyses and reviews are gonna be here as well posts I just really liked.

Blog is where you'll find basically anything else. I won't talk too much about my life both for privacy reasons and because my life just isn't that interesting, so it'll mostly be the place where I put any of my newer ananlyses and reviews and whatever else I did back on tumblr

My fandoms/interests tend to work in a kind of rotation where, once I get really obsessed with a piece of media, I'm never gonna be able to shirk that obsession, it'll just go dormant as other interests take its place until it comes back around as I also continually add more interests to my rotation. Off the top of my head, here are all of the ones that I'll be likely to talk about on here soon, I have more interests, but those aren't ones where I'd be willing to engage in fandom behaviour so to speak.

  1. Elisabeth: Das Musical — This is a musical about the austrian empress better known as Sisi (or Sissi, I've seen both) and I don't expect english speakers to have heard of it even though it does seem pretty popular internationally, which is why I'm explaining what it is. I'm currently working on translating all the songs and just generally obsessing over it because its soooooo good you guys. There are already english subbed versions of both the 1992 proshot and the 2005 proshot on youtube so I would recommend you all watch them, although I will say that the 1992 subs by derschwarzeprinz are better quality and more accurate and I personally prefer the performances, but the story is a bit more clear and easier to understand in the 2005 version despite the worse subtitles since they added some songs and changed a few of them too. Like, I definitely think you need to watch both but I'm not the boss of you
  2. Gravity Falls — When I first joined the fandom it was at a time when I didn't really have my own taste when it came to fictional ships so it was basically just first come, first serve and the first ship that came was Billdip, so when I say I've been obsessed with this show lately what I actually mean is that I've been re-reading the Billdip fics I used to be obsessed with for nostalgia and I've also started reading some "newer" ones because while most of them are bad, I won't deny that the concept compels me
  3. Ninjago — I'm actually rewatching this show as I'm working on this site right now lmao I rewatch it very few months or years because theres like 16 seasons at this point but for some reason I always struggle to get past the 7th or 8th one. Well, last time I actually managed to get to season 9 and thought it was pretty fun but idk man, I always just run out of steam with this show, its like a sisyphean punishment of sisyphean punishments were actually kinda fun
  4. Miraculous Ladybug — I've been with this show since the post-season 1 hiatus and I finished catching up with it a few weeks ago and boy does it suck, but it sucks in a way that I'm willing to analyse, so there's gonna be some of that here
  5. Jesus Christ Superstar — I was really obsessed with this musical for weeks on end and thought so much about it that I completely burned myself out on it but I am working on a comparison between the original english lyrics and the translated german ones, which rarely get performed because of how bad they are and like, yeah they suck but they are also interesting and I'd like to talk about them in detail
  6. My brain is kinda turning into mush rn ngl but there's more, I'll jot em down later

And yeah. That's about it for now

Happy reading!